Hault Out / Refit

Hault Out / Refit / New Build:

Giving discerning owners confidence that their yacht will be delivered in full compliance with the contract specification from both technical and quality standpoints. 

I provide new build/refit project management and survey services from specification  review to sea trials and completion/delivery. Regular shipyard visits, shipyard meetings, detailed reporting, minuting of meetings, change order management etc, ensure that the owner is kept abreast of progress, budget and any changes to the specification. 

shipyard works

deck repair

new deck

Yacht in Derecktor Shipyard, Florida

Valves changed in shipyard

Yacht in shipyard period

deck repair. Paint

Yacht in shipyard period

Deck refit

Yacht in shipyard period

Stabilizer fin repair

varnish and paint works

teak deck refit

yacht interior refit